About Us:

MakerVidya is a computer science program kids modelled along the lines of the most successful program in the US in terms of student success. MakerVidya is a division of Wonksknow Technologies India Pvt. Ltd. MakerVidya presents Indian students with a program that teaches real computer programming. The program makes it easy for students to understand the concepts as classes are also offered in regional languages.MakerVidya also makes high quality coding classes affordable by offering classes at a small weekly subscription fee with no long-term commitment. The Customer can end the subscription any time with just a one-week notice.

The MakerVidya program has been developed with technical and training partnership with Wonksknow LLC USA. Wonksknow LLC USA has 6+ years of experience running apremium high-end computer science program in the US. MakerVidya’s program gets teaching and curriculum guidance from Wonksknow LLC, USA and also uses Wonksknow LLC’s technology that has won 2020’s CODiE Award which is a prestigiousEducation technology award in the US.

We are located at:

No. 32 PSR Marvel
Bellary Road,
Bangalore – 560024

PH : 080-471-86838
eMail: info@makervidya.com